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Week 11 NFL Breakdown

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If you haven't played Fantasy Factor, you're missing out. The mass entry sharks aren't there, so it's a more level playing field. Here is a breakdown for Week 11 NFL games. Read More

Week 4 NFL Defense vs Position Analysis

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Utilizing Defense vs Position data is a key element to building winning daily fantasy lineups. By targeting team weaknesses vs position, you can often find value players who have a great opportunity to overperform their expectations due to the matchup. This article shows all teams rankings vs opponents by position...measured by fantasy points allowed averages. Read More

NFL Week 3 Top Value Play Results

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In daily fantasy football, the key to winning is finding players who exceed value. In other words, they score enough points based on their salary that you can win money. Here is a breakdown of the top 50 value picks from Week 3 of the NFL season. Read More

Daily Fantasy Football Analysis – 2016 Team Defenses By Position Rankings

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One of the best tools for finding optimal daily fantasy football picks is the DFSgold Team Defense Pages. This data shows which teams give up the most fantasy points, and more specifically, the most fantasy points by POSITION. We breakdown the Defense vs Postion (DVP) for the first two weeks of the 2016 season to give you an idea of which teams to target when making your daily fantasy football picks. Read More