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Introducing New MLB cheat sheets!

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About our new MLB cheat sheets

Introducing our new MLB cheat sheets! Cheat sheets are based on a novel approach to MLB daily fantasy analytics and update dynamically throughout the day. DFSgold currently provides cheat sheets for Starting Pitchers, Hitters, and Team Stacks.

MLB cheat sheets are based on the following factors:

  • Batter Independent Fantasy Points (BIFP)… BIFP is a measure of fantasy points produced solely via the individual batter vs. pitcher matchup (assumes no baserunners or subsequent batters). The only RBIs and runs scored counted are in the case of a homerun where the batter is assumed to score and register an RBI for batting himself in. BIFP is based on the last 50 plate appearances versus L or R for hitters and last four starts versus L or R for pitchers.

  • Moneyline…the odds of a particular team winning the game.

  • Over/under…the expected number of runs to be scored in the game.

  • Batting Order…is accounted for as it pertains to expected number of plate appearance.

  • Projected lineups are assumed until the actual lineup has been released.

  • Projections already account for games at Coors Field in Colorado.

  • Home/Away…as it pertains to %chance of home team not batting in the 9th inning.

  • Bullpen Strength…coming soon.

We will continue to add relevant factors, tweak our model, and back-test throughout the season. We believe our model to be mathematically sound, however, we cannot predict the future. If we could, we certainly wouldn’t publish the info. Good luck!

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