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With NFL winding down and NBA in full swing, we thought a cheat sheet tutorial would be a nice article for those of you who are looking to get into NBA DFS, or to step up your game a bit.  We offer a LOT of information to utilize when doing your research, and we get a lot of questions on how to use the information. Our research pages can be used for both DraftKings and FanDuel by using the dropdown to select the site.

So let’s look at some of the information available, and go through lineup construction process using the DFSgold Cheat Sheets available at  First, take a glance at the cheat sheets available. The starting point is our DFSgold NBA Pages.  The Recap Page is “home base” for each sport, and the main page shows daily results for the past two years, best possible lineup, tournament results with winners, fantasy points (Fpts) to cash, and Fpts to win lines, and player results from each day including points and Cost/Fpts. While the recap pages aren’t a necessary tool for research, they are a great learning tool.  You can study perfect lineup from each day, winners’ lineups from listed tourneys which you can compare to that day’s cheat sheets to try and understand the why players were selected/successful (view winners’ lineups by clicking Fpts to win link), and you can look through tournaments to find potential types of tourneys to improve your chance of cashing.  Recap pages also show that day’s player scores along with cost per fantasy point…a great indicator of player’s value for the night. From the recap page. Use the research tab to get to the detailed data needed for your research.  Below are the sheets listed in the research section.

Cheat Sheets – List of daily players for the day’s slate with several sortable columns of data. Default listing is ranked based on last four games Fpts/game.  In NBA, we don’t provide projections, but lineup creator (see below) takes all of the data in our research pages into consideration for player optimization.  Hint: you can sort by column by clicking the arrows in header of each column.  We like to sort by Minutes Played, DvP, Pace to find the best plays for the night due to defensive weakness or high over/under projections from Vega.  You’ll see a lot of dark green and light green shaded boxes. The dark green means that player scored enough points based on salary (value) to win the GPP for that day.  The light green means that player scored enough points based on salary that day to put you above the Fpts to cash line.  Other color coded “cells” refer to optimal performance or matchup based on thresholds such as DvP above 10%, etc.  Probably the most valuable resource on the cheat sheets is the Did Not Play links which are posted when a player is listed as Out or GTD (game time decision) for the day. Learn more about the DNP pages below.

Player Pages – Season game logs for each player includes past salaries, Fpts, and statistics for each game. You’ll also see a chart that shows performance vs Fpts to Win and Fpts to cash lines for each night. The Fpts to Win and Fpts to Cash line are based on each day’s GPP line, not just a random average such as 300 Fpts to win.

Lineup Creator – Found on top left corner of cheat sheet. You can create lineups, save lineups, and come back the next day to see how those lineups performed. It’s not only a great tool for picking lineups, but also a great way to study your picks and look back over the lineups after the fact without spending money to see how you do.  Note: In order to create lineups, you have to select at least two players before you can create a lineup. We do this to keep everyone from putting in the same lineup.  When going through the cheatsheet, “save” your favorite players by clicking on the icon to the left of their name.  Then, when you go to the lineup creator, they will be listed at the top of the player pool. Save as many lineups as you like, and click “view lineups” to look over the teams you have created. NOTE: You will need to register for FREE on our site to save players to your whiteboard and utilize the lineup creator

Injury Reports – Up to date list of players who are OUT or GTD (Game Time Decision) which updates every 15 minutes during the day. Report includes Did Not Play page links, one of the most important resources available on When a player is out, you will see who picks up the minutes and who picks up the points. It’s a GREAT way to find value picks and/or players who’s ceiling rises as a result. This may be the most valuable tool in selecting players each night. These guys may be chalk, but the value gained is worth it. Go contrarian somewhere else.

Did Not Play Pages – We consider this data to be one of the most important sources of information for your daily research.  Did Not Play page links are available on the cheat sheet and the Injury reports. When a player is out, the did not play page shows historical data on each players performance when the player was out.  You’ll see team mates points scored, minutes played, and percentages of categories vs their average season stats.  It’s a great place to find value picks for the night and/or players who have higher expected performance due to team mates absence.  Note: It’s not always the sub in the same position as teams’ game plans may change, i.e. small ball when a big man is out.  The DNP pages is usually the first place to go when picking players for the night.  If a low salary player picks up substantial upside, it frees up salary for the studs.  If studs “go off” when team mate is out…they often become must plays for the night.  Another “hidden jewel” in the DNP pages is the DvP data when a player is out. You’ll often see an opponent’s position who exceeds normal team DvP when the player is out.  This is a nice way to find a pick for the night who may exceed expected performance shown in normal DvP data.

DvP Pages – The defense vs position pages list players ranked by average fantasy points  per minute allowed by opponent, but there is much more information than most sites provide. We break down DvP by Home/Away splits, and as you will see…there can be quite a difference in player’s performance at home or on the road. The percentages listed compare teams position DvP vs league average.  Hine: You’re looking for dark green and light green. 

Team Offense Pages – Here you can see team averages (fantasy points scored and allowed, and full roster of players with salaries, points scored over past eight games. These results are color coded to see which players have produced  enough points based on previous salaries to put you in position to make money, i.e. value.  We like to refer to these pages when a team is in a high over/under matchup, and to look at trends over the past few games to see if player usage is up or down. Offense pages are listed alphabetically. Use the dropdown menu to look through teams.

Team Defense Pages – Our defense pages show team average fantasy points allowed, avg Fpts allowed by position, current day’s opponents projected starting lineup, and game log of Fpts allowed by position for the entire season.  When going through game logs, you’ll see more color coded cells to indicate how each position performed against team throughout the season.

My Whiteboard – Displays players you saved from the cheat sheet to drilldown picks after initial research on the day’s slate  Whiteboard shows all of stat columns from cheat sheet so you can look back through matchups to pick your top plays of the day.  This sheet is useful for fine tuning your favorite player list before going to the cheat sheet to use the optimizer.

Player Rankings – You can view the player ranking from the NBA Rankings Page or from the search box on the upper left corner of the home page.  Many DFSgold users refer to these pages when selecting Head to Head matchups or smaller tournaments.  It can be a useful resource for avoiding the sharks, and you can also see where you rank among the millions of DFS players.  The easiest way to see your ranking is to use the Where Do You Rank search box on the DFSgold Home Page.  Arrows indicate your ranking movement compared to last update of rankings page.  Note: you will have to register for FREE on our site to access the rankings page.

We hope this article helps you better understand how to utilize some of the most important data needed to be successful in NBA daily fantasy sports.  If/When you win a big one…contact us via site, facebook, or twitter (@DFSgold1) …and we may do a winning interview to highlight your big day. Also, we would appreciate you spreading the word about our site so we can grow and continue to add resources to improve the site.


FWIW, we are always looking for content writers for the site.  If you want to build your resume or gain exposure through our thousands of users, contact us a 


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